ND MARKET ICO referral and leadership program

Invest into your future with the minimal contribution. Earn together with ND MARKET and get NDCOIN tokens for each person you invite.

More about the program

In order to grow our community, we've developed an ND INVEST ICO referral and partnership program. This is an eight-level program that enables a higher level of interest and effectiveness during the ICO campaign. This is the most modern marketing tool and it is now available as part of our ICO. Share information and your personal referral code with acquaintances, friends, and loyal clients. Monitor conversion and growth in token quantity in your personal account and witness the effectiveness of our referral program already at the initial stages of the ICO campaign. With the increase of their leadership level partners earn bigger and bigger referral bonuses from people that they invited. This increases their commission rewards.

How does it work?

This process is very simple! After registration, you will get a unique identification number and personal link, which you may share on the social media and spread through numerous messengers. When clicking on any of your links, other users will be redirected to our ICO landing page, and their activity will be monitored by our partner software. As soon someone registers using your referral link and purchases NDCOIN Tokens, person will be associated with your identifier, and you’ll receive bonus NDCOIN Tokens in your personal account within 24 hours. 

  • Every time when users that you invited make a purchase, you will get referral bonuses from their total purchase amount depending on the conditions of the marketing program (up to 25% of total token number purchased by your business network).
  • You can monitor your incoming referral bonuses and statistics inside your personal account under the “Referral program” tab.
  • You can exchange the referral bonuses that you have earned to fiat money on the ND MARKET platform at an exchange rate as per the date when those tokens were received. You can then withdraw them to any specified account. Withdrawal usually takes 7 days
  • Minimum amount of withdrawal equals to 100 Euro.
  • Withdrawal commission equals 30 Euro + % bank transfer fee.
  • ND tokens will be transferred to personal wallets for all participants of ND HOLDING after completion of the ICO.
  • To participate in the ND MARKET referral-leader program, a mandatory minimum purchase of 300 ND tokens.
  • When withdrawing the funds to EURO and USD accounts 5% commission fee applies.
  • When withdrawing the funds in the form of coupons commission fee does not apply.
  • After completion of ICO ND Invest and launch of ND Market for all new participants there will be a requirement to purchase 500 NDCOIN tokens. All partners participating in ICO ND INVEST will be automatically transferred to the main project ND MARKET while maintaining the leadership level.

Your next steps

  • By joining our partner program, you will receive a unique user ID number or referral link. This is a unique link that is attached to each registered user.
  • After receiving the link, you will be able to post any of the materials located in the ND MARKET Media, including articles, graphical elements, and many others on your web page, in social media, and other platforms.
  • Participants of the referral program will earn NDCOIN tokens as an bonus for inviting NDCOIN token buyers.
  • NDCOIN Tokens that were received through referral and leadership program may be freely exchanged to euros, dollars, or cryptocurrency at an exchange rate that was recorded at the time of token purchase. These tokens can be withdrawn to any specified account.
  • The remaining tokens will be transferred to the participant’s wallet, specified at the registration no later than 4 weeks following token sale completion.

Partner payments system

Affiliate marketing from the day of its foundation has become one of the main marketing mix tools for our holding. For 9 years, the partner programs we have developed are an effective technology that at times increases the interest of the assets and goods we sell. 

Our marketing plan guarantees a high level of income, which over time can grow multifold even without your participation. The business structure that you have created during the ICO will be fully transferred to the main project ND MARKET at the end of the token sale campaign.

This is the foundation not only for further development and profit generation from NDCOIN tokens, which is not unimportant, but also for future passive income from the entire structure developed during the ICO.

Bonus payments

Commissions for personal sales
For each new token sale that comes from your personal recommendation, you receive commissions, the amount of which is determined in accordance with the career level that you are currently located at in accordance with the monetary value established by our agreement.

Initial level 7% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 1-st level 9% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 2-nd level 12% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 3-rd level 16% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 4-th level 19% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 5-th level 21% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 6-th level 23% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 7-th level 24% from personal recommendations
Partner of the 8-th level 25% from personal recommendations

If you are a partner of ND INVEST and are currently at the initial level then as soon as someone purchases NDCOIN tokens using your referral link you will receive bonus payment corresponding to the initial level. If the purchase is made by your direct referral, the amount of your reward will be 7% NDCOIN tokens from the total purchase amount.


Partner level is initial.
Tariff is 7% from the total purchased number of tokens.
Total purchased number of tokens - 5 000 ND tokens.


Purchase amount equals 5000 euro, 7 % at the initial level = 350 ND tokens.
Partner commission equals 350 ND tokens.

Bonus payments for leadership work

Earn commission with ND MARKET - 25% from the total token sale number! 
The partner program starts after your invite at least 3 personal referrals to purchase NDCOIN tokens and with total purchase amount that equals 1,500 NDCOIN tokens (1st level). 

Leadership bonus: 
 The management commission represents the difference between the tariff of your current level and the tariff of the level of your direct partners, based on the total ND token purchases. The level and remuneration from the Leadership Program depends solely on the results of your work and the work of your Partners, ie. from total token sales volume, measured as a percentage. For one placed order, the Partner receives a percentage of the ND token payment amounts, respectively, of its level and the level of the direct partner from which the purchase was made.

25% Level 8 from 15.000.000 ND COIN of total purchases. 24% Level 7 from 5.000.000 of total purchases to 15.000.000 of ND tokens total purchases 23% Level 6 from 1.500.000 of total purchases to 5.000.000 of ND COIN total purchases 21% Level 5 from 350.000 of total purchases to 1.500.000 of ND COIN total purchases 19% Level 4 from 80.000 of total purchases to 350.000 of ND COIN total purchases 16% Level 3 from 20.000 of ND COIN total purchases to 80.000 of ND COIN total purchases 12% Level 2 from 5.000 ND COIN of total purchases to 20.000 of ND COIN total purchases 9% Level 1 from 1.500 of ND COIN purchases from direct referrals to 5.000 of total ND COIN purchases 7% Initial level 0 - 1.500 of ND COIN purchase from directly invited partners

Partner level is 3rd. On the third level partners earn 16% tariff from the whole volume of token purchased within his structure.
Lower partner’s level is 1st that corresponds to 9% of ND tokens sold within his structure.
Total ND tokens purchased by the 1st level partner structure - 18 000 ND tokens.


The difference between the tariff of the higher partner that is on the third level (16%) and lower partner that is on the 1st level (9%). 
16% - 9% = 7% of the total token purchases in the structure of the 1st level partner.
Since the total token purchases equal 18,000 then the 3rd level partner commission payment, considering the 7% fee, will be 1260 ND tokens.

Prizes on each level:
5th level
Gold NDCOIN (1 ounce gold 999.9)
6th level
Set of 2 gold NDCOINs (each coin 1 ounce of gold 999.9)
7th level
Set of 5 gold NDCOINs (each coin 1 ounce of gold 999.9)
8th level
1 kg. investment gold 999.9.

Unlimited possibilities

You can participate in referral and partner program using any of your resources as a promotion platform. This is universal model for earning a steady income.
Increase your structure and quantity of tokens with our partner and referral marketing program. 
After the end of ND INVEST ICO your partner network that you built during the ICO period will be integrated into our internal referral program ND MARKET, where you will continue getting referral bonus payments from your network each time when they will purchase any of our products. This way you will receive bonuses twice:

During the ICO, when people your network purchase ND COIN tokens
Within ND MARKET program, when people in your network use ND INVEST LTD services.

Advancing to a higher level

Investors who have made a one-time purchase of tokens for a certain amount immediately move to the respective level of the Leadership Program and receive the percentage of their referred Partners.

Amount of token purchase: Level to be taken by the partner after the purchase: Percentage from purchases of referred partners
1 500 ND tokens 1st level 9%
4 000 ND tokens 2nd level 12%
16 000 ND tokens 3rd level 16%
50 000 ND tokens 4th level 19%


Media ND MARKET is a set of advertising and information materials ready to be placed on your resources.
We have prepared and systematized for you all the materials available for distribution. The quantity of our prepared materials is very extensive and allows absolutely everyone to find something interesting for your audience.

Share your referral link

Personal websites
Entensively post and tweet wth personal referal link and banners on social media.
Social media
Entensively post and tweet on such social media as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, etc.
Send messages that include your link to your friends and acquaintances via such popular messengers as Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram.
Make interesting videos and podcasts and promote them on YouTube. And don't forget to attach your referral link.
Send out your referral link and post it on social media.
Participate in forums, share your opinion, information and personal link with your targeted audience.
Advertisement boards
Send campaigns via e-mail, which include your personal link to your mailing list.

ND INVEST promotion under ICO results

This promotion starts at the beginning of Pre-sale 1 and lasts up to ICO finish. 
Winners are indicated monthly and personal results are summarized during the whole promotion campaign. We hope that it helps you to increase your incomes and invite many new partners!

Personal sales:

This category is checked monthly depending on quantity of personally sold tokens.

1st place
ND computer
2nd place
3rd place
ND telephone

Standard promotion from ND INVEST

10 points are given per month for the 1st place, 9 points for the 2nd place, and 8 points for the third place. The partner at 10th place gets 1 point. These points are added together from the start of the ICO until its end date. After the end of the ICO partners that have received the most points from 1st to 10th place, will get valuable presents and prizes.

The main prize is a flat in your district.

Only participants of the leadership program may participate in the promotion, 1st to 7th level inclusively. Token purchases are accumulated and added together from the start of the 1st Pre-Sale until ICO end date. To draw winners, the results are added together for the whole period of promotion. Company prizes on each level include:

4 - 10 places
ND watch
depending ICO results).
3rd place
ND Gold Watch
(depending on ICO results).
2nd place
Premium Car
Mercedes-Benz Е-Class
1st place
Comfortable flat
in your district.

Calculation based on Promotion Formula

O * K * ((N+1) * 0,2) * L
P * (S * 0,1)
O – Total number of people in the structure.

K – Quantity of direct paid partners.
L – Level coefficient.

N – Quantity of new invited people.
P – Number of tokens purchased by the whole structure.
S – Number of structures that purchased tokens.
M – Number of months after registration.
Application of coefficients per level:
Level 1 – 1.0
Level 2 – 0.9
Level 3 – 0.8
Level 4 – 0.7
Level 5 – 0.6
Level 6 – 0.5
Level 7 – 0.4
Level 8 – 0.3

The first leader in each country will receive 500 NDCOIN tokens when 500 of his partners purchase NDCOIN tokens.

Leaders will get assistance in opening ND INVEST LTD office in their country if the following conditions are met:

They have no less than 1 000 people in the structure

Balance of the biggest structure no less than 50%. 

Prizes will be distributed to winners at an official conference in Vienna (Austria) following the end date of the ICO.

NDCOIN – Token for decision makers!

Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.

© William Shakespeare
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