ND MARKET - a platform for instant purchases of real estate, cars, furniture, and other products and services at discounted and promotional prices.

  • We know how to sell cars!
  • We know how to build and sell real estate!
  • We've been working in this sphere for 9 years.
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Tokens sold:
Goal: $14,500,000

By signing the preliminary purchase agreement and paying the deposit upfront using ND tokens via our application or web page, the customer retains the ownership right for the asset, the pre-approved price and conditions of the deal. The remaining part of the asset price the buyer pays in fiat or another cryptocurrency.

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What does our program offer?

ND MARKET is a platform for real estate, car, and furniture purchases and other products and services using cryptocurrency. Our program works primarily with real estate developers, car dealerships, furniture manufacturers and furniture stores. Urgent sale of assets by 3rd parties, as well as absence of any intermediaries guarantees low prices on our platform. Our system increases transaction transparency and payment liquidity, decreases barriers for asset purchases and document preparation, and simplifies procedures related to tax assessment of cross-border transactions.

ND MARKET concept

Within our platform, the customer signs the preliminary agreement for the purchase of selected assets and immediately transfers NDCOIN payment as a deposit, this way reserving the desirable good. The payment of deposit is performed using NDCOIN only and is included in total purchase value of the asset. The remaining total under the main agreement is paid in fiat money. This way, any person having NDCOIN tokens may compensate part or the whole value of selected asset and get receive huge discounts. 

Why is it beneficial to use ND MARKET platform?

For sellers

The need for instant cash by real estate companies, car dealerships, furniture and other products and services manufacturers and stores, as well as seasonal sales, fulfillment of sales plans, payment of taxes and bonuses, etc. – all these lead to urgent sales and eventually results in price drop for these assets. At the same time, maximally saving your revenue from sales, bypassing the fees of intermediaries.

For customers

With the endless possibilities offered by blockchain, ND MARKET customers that are signing the preliminary purchase agreement and that are paying the deposit using ND tokens, can easily reserve the real estate property, vehicle, or furniture and other products and services based on specified conditions and prices using ND MARKET application or company web page. Asset’s price will decrease because of the underlying NDCOIN token price increase from original price.

Easy, quick, and comfortable way to have a dream.

By bringing together vendors with potential customers, the platform simplifies the real estate, furniture, vehicles, and other products purchase procedure. And vendors only place assets for sale that are urgently needed to be purchased on sale and marketing action values.

Our achievements

We have 140.000 partners all over the world.
We have 9 years of experience in the world of construction and car sales.
Our own “NEW DAY” car dealership in Europe.
Our own modern "NEW DAY" Residential Complex in Cyprus.

About the Company

Our built residential complex in Cyprus
Ieremiou 47,
Our built residential complex in Cyprus
Ieremiou 47,

ND INVEST LTD is a working model with well-defined technical and legal evidence of developed concept. We have a 9-year experience in building real estate and selling cars. We have successfully constructed the modern residential complex in Cyprus at the following address:

Ieremiou 47, Anavargos Paphos, Cyprus.

In 2019 we are planning to construct a second residential complex, “NEW DAY”, in Pafos, Cyprus that will include 16 modern villas and 60 apartment building with its own infrastructure, pools, and rest area. ND INVEST LTD offers a 30% discount when paid in NDCOIN tokens for the property.

Photos of our complex
Our car dealership in Budapest
1091 Hungary
Üllői út 101
Our car dealership in Budapest
1091 Hungary
Üllői út 101

We sell cars in our own car dealership in Budapest, Europe. It is located at:

1091 Budapest, Üllői út 101.

Currently, we are redesigning our dealership in order to sell electric cars that are manufactured by the top-ranked auto-manufacturers. We also have plans to build or purchase multi brand car dealerships.

Our car dealership photos

Construction phases of “NEW DAY” apartments


ND HOLDING LTD finished the construction of upscale residential complex "NEW DAY" in the prestigious area of Pafos Anavargos in August 2014. "NEW DAY" Residential Complex is an optimal combination of a wonderful holiday for the whole family and comfortable living conditions in Pafos, along with beautiful seascape and fresh air. This structure includes a swimming pool and also a parking area for residents and guests. 20 townhouses are built using the most advanced building and energy saving technologies.

Our advantages


The list of our clients includes current real estate developers, car dealerships and furniture stores that have already joined our platform. We also have 140 thousand long-term partners.

Our competitors

Currently there are no similar platforms or services on the market.

Experienced team

Members of our team are professionals in their field. We have been developing complex and interesting projects together for 9 years now. Marketing strategy is our competitive advantage in all of our businesses.

Huge potential

Market of
real estate
  • $210
    The volume of the global real estate market
  • 1.6
    number of concluded deals in 2017
  • Market of
    The volume of the global
    market in 2017
  • Market of
    The volume of the global
    market in 2017

Partner Program

The most progressive marketing tool is now available for ICO. Spread the information and share your referral code through acquaintances, friends and loyal clients. Track the conversion and token growth rates in your personal account and witness the efficiency of our partner program from the very beginning.

How does it work?

Earn by inviting your friends


Sign up and buy NDCOIN tokens. Go to your personal account and copy your personal referral link; after that, you can send it to all your friends and acquaintances.


Share referral link to your friends and post and tweet on such social media by e-mail, etc., or send referal ID number to your acquaintances.


Get rewards on your wallet every time, when your friends or their guests buy NDCOIN tokens.

The partner structure you created during the ICO will be fully transferred to our main project. This is a base for future development and an opportunity for you to profit not only from token purchases, but also earn future passive income from your referral network that you have created during the ICO.

Earn by inviting your friends

ND Tokenomics

NDCOIN is the primary payment unit for real estate, car and furniture, and other product and service purchases with the guaranteed mechanism of price increase that is driven by ND MARKET platform launch and continuous use of ND HOLDING LTD services.

The reliability of the company is proven by time:

At the base of our project is built on operational highly-profitable business and vast industry experience. Our company has been working for 9 years in the world of real estate development and car sales.

NDCOIN token:

Supply of NDCOIN token is set at 500 million tokens. 1 NDCOIN (ND) price is 1 ЕURO. All payments are protected by Ethereum ERC20 smart-contracts.


Constant use of NDCOIN tokens will ensure the growth of quotation (because the first prepayment is performed only by NDCOINs for selected assets). We plan to issue and sell a limited quantity of NDCOIN tokens during the ICO. NDCOIN quantity will not be increased. Shortage of our tokens that are available on the market, according to trading rules, will cause the price growth of NDCOIN tokens.

After ICO completion:

ND tokens will be sold at the crypto exchanges thus increasing liquidity and pricing transparency. We plan to issue our own debit cards with the possibility of payment anywhere around the world. Conversion of NDCOIN tokens into fiat money will also create demand for our token and drive growth of quotations.

Project future:

Our company plans to attract 3,000 developers, car dealerships, and furniture vendors all over the world by the end of 2020. This means that at least twenty million clients will need NDCOIN tokens. Currently there are more than 5 million real estate companies, more than 8 million dealerships and 18 million furniture stores that are trying to sell their inventory. All of them will be actively using services of our company and purchase ND tokens.

ICO ND INVEST is one of the significant events in the crypto world

"NDCOIN grows and pays"

Token sale parameters

NDCOIN token is a cryptocurrency developed by ND INVEST LTD. This token increases the opportunities and simplifies the standard approach to property and vehicle purchases. NDCOIN token is a high liquid token developed on Ethereum platform and an exclusive payment tool that enables deposit payments within ND MARKET platform. Token standard — ERC 20. Total supply of tokens equals 500 million, without the possibility of creating new additional tokens.

Token name
Total supply
500 000 000
Minimum purchase quantity
Additional issue
Not planned
Token price
1 000 000 EUR
15 000 000 EUR
October 20, 2018
June 30, 2019
Payment methods
BTC, ETH, Pay Pal, bank transfer, Visa/Mastercard

ND MARKET program will be operational regardless of ICO results. All collected funds (above hard cap) will be spent for real estate construction and car dealership purchases in regions with the most concentration NDCOIN tokens holders. Assets can paid for wholly or partially using NDCOIN tokens, this also leads to the increase of token price.

ICO stages

  • Pre-sale 1

    Starting date:
    October 20
    End date:
    November 13
    Token price:
  • Pre-sale 2

    Starting date:
    November 14
    End date:
    January 07
    Token price:
  • Pre-sale 3

    Starting date:
    January 08
    End date:
    March 11
    Token price:
  • ICO

    Starting date:
    March 12
    End date:
    June 30
    Token price:

Financial structure

Token Distribution
Token sale
Company reserve for strategic partners and first investors
Referral and leadership program
ND team and advisors
Bounty Program
Application of funds
Platform finalization. International expansion and marketing
Construction of residential complex (Pafos, Cyprus), development of own property, and purchase of multiband car dealerships in places with the most concentration of ND token holders.
Partnership and joint ventures
Administrative and operational costs
Unexpected expenses

Road map

2009 Q2-Q3
  • Idea development
  • Trade Mark
  • Site Design
2010 Q2
  • «NEW DAY» Program Start
2012 Q3
  • Obtaining a permit for construction of «NEW DAY» rResidential complex in Pafos, Cyprus
2012 Q4
  • Start of construction of «NEW DAY» residential complex in Pafos, Cyprus
2013 Q3-Q4
  • Purchase of «NEW DAY» car dealership in Budapest
2014 Q1
  • Signing partnership agreements with major auto groups
2014 Q3
  • Completion of construction of «NEW DAY» residential complex in Pafos, Cyprus
2017 Q4
  • Blockchain integration concept formation
  • Market investigation and analysis
  • Development of system architecture
2018 Q2
  • Backend development
  • Start of ND mobile application development
  • ND web page development
  • Creation and registration of ND tokens
2018 Q3
  • ICO web-page development
  • Preparation for ICO
2018 Q4
  • Pre-ICO
  • First payments of referral bonus within ND program
  • Team extension
  • Blockchain integration
  • Creation of smart contracts
2019 Q1
  • ICO
  • Finalizing the development of ND MARKET native application
  • New real estate developer and car dealership registrations in all cities and towns of the world
  • NDCOIN is listed on cryptocurrency exchange
2019 Q2
  • Complete testing of all new systems
  • New user registrations in all cities of the world
  • Global marketing campaign
  • Obtaining of permit for construction of the second complex «NEW DAY» in Pafos, Cyprus.
2019 Q3
  • Global ND conference
  • The global launch of ND services
2020 Q2
  • Purchase of the second multibrand car dealership
  • User quantity in ND system – 20 000 000 users
  • The number of active real estate developers and car dealers in the system ND- 3000
Road map timeline Created with Sketch. 1 2009 Q2-Q3 2 2010 Q2 3 2012 Q3 4 2012 Q4 5 2013 Q3-Q4 6 2014 Q1 7 2015 Q4 8 2017 Q4 9 2018 Q2 10 2018 Q3 11 2018 Q4 13 2019 Q2 14 2019 Q3 15 2020 Q2 12 2019 Q1

Why should I invest in ND tokens?

ND is a unique investment project that deserves your attention for the following reasons:

NDCOIN token growth

Excellent possibility to be one of the first ones to purchase NDCOIN tokens at ICO to earn when tokens price grows in the future. High probability NDCOIN token value rise in the following several months.


Each user can use NDCOIN tokens within ND MARKET platform, as well as inside ND HOLDING LTD system for sales or transfer to the users of other platforms.

Eventuality (possibility).

Become a part of a big ND Network. In ND MARKET ony that person does not earn who does not participate in the project. Our marketing plan is straightforward and monetary.

Investment in the future

The project is exciting and simple. Using blockchain technology, we are creating new functionality, which excludes 3rd parties and represents significant possibilities for platform users.


ND INVEST has the all chances to become one of the most successful ICOs in 2018. ND INVEST LTD is not a conceptual initiative, like many other projects, offering ICO! We've been at the market for the past 9 years, and only due to the availability of blockchain technology has such business model became possible.

Why is ICO ND INVEST deemed to be successful?

  • It's one of the most effective business lines.
  • Necessity and mass consumption.
  • Transparent and open scheme of work.
  • The company has been working for 9 years in the market.
  • 140 thousand company partners.

The future of the project

This project has a series of competitive advantages, which open possibilities for its continuous growth and allows scaling to all the major markets. So far, there are no real estate and car sale services in the world that operate under a similar business model. 

Due to constant internal consumption, availability of referral and partnership programs we are expecting an accelerated growth of NDCOIN price.

Issue of branded debit card and the possibility to make payments anywhere in the world by converting ND tokens to fiat funds for free will also drive demand for the token that will lead to token value growth.

Bounty Program

Share our initiative, discuss ND MARKET achievements, tell others about future developments and earn free NDCOIN tokens by participating in our Bounty program.

Participate in Bitcointalk forums etc.
Write and share articles and reviews.
Create and post high-quality videos about ND company.
Translate web pages and company Whitepaper.
The Bounty program period starts on 30 of October, 2018 and will continue until the end of the ICO or until the program's budget is completed.

Our conferences

TV about us


Our Team

Chief Operating
Chief Technology
Director of Car Dealership
in Hungary
Technical Lead
Web Designer
Branch Manager
in Austria

Our offices

1091 Hungary
Üllői út 101
1210 Wien
Obergfellplatz 3/4
Paphos, Cyprus
Ieremiou 47
8025 Paphos Cyprus
ICO has started
The round will close in
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